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Sunday, February 1, 2009

No blog updates

I haven't updated since August, and somehow, that doesn't really bother me...like, not even in the slightest.

Friday, August 15, 2008


I know I talked about music last week, and I said that I hadn't uploaded anything yet.... but I've now uploaded 2 of the 7 tracks off the demo I've been working on for the summer, and you should definitely check 'em out at www.virb.com/directions because I think you'll enjoy it. Also, I have a myspace now, its nothing yet, but I'll put most of the songs up there, as well... The address is www.myspace.com/jeffreymartinmusic.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Its been a while...

I know, I know, its been like 3 months since I posted anything apart from my thoughts on music downloads, but you know what? I just haven't felt like posting here.
This summer has been good. I had my own apartment, I mean, sure, it was a subleased apartment, so I was basically sharing space with a non-existent person, and I never unpacked my stuff, but, I mean, still, it was good to have my own space. I walked everywhere I could because I went down to the village as much as possible. I drank a lot of coffee, and made flyers for St. B's, I saw a few friends, and did a lot of what could best be described as "hanging out".
Over this past semester of school I didn't have a guitar, but I managed to get some writing in, and realized once I got back to nashville that I had enough musical material to actually put together a demo CD. So, over the second to last week of June, I holed myself up in a house I was house sitting for and just went to work. I recorded the basic guitar and vocal tracks together, and then recorded the back-up vocals. I mean, its just vocals and guitar, but it actually turned out pretty quality. I haven't uploaded the songs yet, because I want to create a cover of some sort (but I might just give up on that idea for now), but if you want you can check out my virb site at http://www.virb.com/directions and you can hear what I recored before I got this demo together.

Other than that I went to San Francisco with St. B's, and that was cool, challenging all around, but it was really cool to see such an amazing city. It makes me want to be able to feel like I felt there.... everywhere. Before that I went to my brother Kit's graduation in upstate new york, and that was cool. I had met all of his friends over easter break earlier this year, and it was cool to see them again. Also, of course, just to see him graduate was awesome, because he's such an amazing person, its cool to get to see him continue to grow like that.

Other than all that stuff I've just spent a lot of time by myself, writing in my journal, walking, playing music, trying to write some more songs (which there has a been a little bit of success in), and just generally enjoying the quiet of a city.
I am ready to go back to Chicago, but I am a little hesitant... because its just such a different way of life to be there, instead of here, and its kind of difficult to see the two worlds as one. Also I have changed since I left.... in little ways, not huge changes, but just... small things. I don't know, its hard to describe, but my focus has shifted, especially with this change to a Music Composition major, I feel like my goals in life have become more.... realistic, instead of being lofty and idealistic, I am going for something I can actually attain, and that's what my entire life has become.... trying to get to real things, trying to get real things, and trying to surround myself with real people.

Am I excited about this semester you might be asking yourself...you're damned right I'm excited about this semester, hell, not just this semester, but my whole life right now. I feel like things are where they are supposed to be and that, my friends, is a good feeling.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Music and its propriety

So I am in a constant struggle as to the propriety of music downloading. Here is the issue as I see it: music is best when it is heard. Bluntly, unless I listen to an album, I do not want to buy it. Everytime I've ever bought an album on name/band alone, I have been sorely disappointed – switchfoot, death cab for cutie, dashboard confessional, etc (you may be saying to yourself "what the hell was he doing listening to those bands in the first place?", I will be the first to second that sentiment). I want to hear an album all the way through, because, bluntly, I am a consumer, I want to know that my hard earned money isn't being wasted on some piece of crap record that has no merit whatsoever. I want to rest assured that my music isn't good for the first couple songs, and then crap for the only 10 (or 8 as the trend has been recently) songs on the album. I will use my current favourite album (maybe of all time) as a perfect example why this system works: The new Islands record, I downloaded it on a whim, and listened to it once and was like "huh, this is interesting... very different from the Unicorns (the lead singer's previous band), and I think that's a good thing", but upon listening to it a very hundred more times since I got it back in april, I have fallen very deeply in love with, because, frankly, its an an awesome record, that has some of the creepiest and most perfectly whimsical lyrics around – "remember who was in my arms, remember when I had arms..." etc. However, I never would have just bought this record on a whim, having not really enjoyed the Islands' first record all that much, I wouldn't have relied on the band name alone to push me into buying this record. However, having been given the time to listen to this incredible record I love this thing to death, and might always love this record – we'll see.
Another perfect example is Bon Iver. An incredible artist who crafts sound like its nobody's business (because, in this case, that's actually true). I first listened to Bon Iver upon recommendation from my friend. She told me I should listen to this one song called "Skinny Love" ––which I highly recommend you check out, because its unlike anything you've heard before. Upon listening to the song via their virb/myspace I was like, "I want more", so I listened to the rest of the album online, and then when they came to town I had to see them, because I had so fallen in love with their sound. My question is: how is seeing a band live any different than downloading their album online? The music is freely given, and with anticipation and hope that you will like it, and want to come back time and time again. Okay, yeah, you have to pay for a concert, and most of the money goes directly to the artist via shows, unlike with record sales. However, my logic is if I hear a bunch of really good music I am more willing to buy it. Now, with Bon Iver I actually didn't hear the entire record, apart from live, until two days ago when I went to the record store and bought a brand new copy of "For Emma, Forever Ago", because I wanted to support an artist I like so much.
Which actually brings me to my final point, something that I thought of the other day when I was buying CDs, and actually became very perplexed and confused by, and a little worried, because I'm not sure where this fits into my schema... so I'm a little shaken up by it. So, if you download a CD an artist makes no money off that record sale and the way that you show your appreciation for an artist is to buy the record for yourself, and actually use your money to say what you cannot say in person – most of the time. Okay, well when you buy a used record it is exactly the same. True, the artist already received that money for the initial record sold, but they don't make anything off of your current purchase, so how is buying a used record any better than just illegally downloading the record? ––besides supporting your local record store, of course. That is why I bought a new copy of Bon Iver and not a used one. I did, however, by a used copy of Rabbit Fur Coat, by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, and that worried me a lot, because I love Jenny Lewis and I want to support her, but by buying that album used I have done nothing of the sort....I don't know.
So, in short, illegal downloading has led to my new favourite music, so I don't understand how it can be considered wrong... sure, I want to get paid as much as the next guy, but buying records doesn't always equate to financial stability to the artists themselves.

Friday, May 2, 2008


The semester's over.... its.... nice. I am pleasantly surprised by how it ended. I walked out of my international politics final with my paper in hand..... it had a big fat 92 written on it... I was blown away. Not that I didn't put enough work into the thing, but I definitely failed to answer about half the questions on the list of things that our teacher wanted. If I had put them all in the thing would have been anywhere from 30-45 pages, I mean, it was an ethnic conflict paper on the Hutu-Tutsi conflict, not just in Rwanda, but all over Africa... because it stretches that far.
Anyway, its nice to be done, I really feel like this last week has been the most.... school-like of the entire semester. The rest of its kind of felt like a dream, but this week, I don't know, I feel like it all clicked, it was weird.

I head home on Tuesday, and, again, I'm pretty excited. Oh, you may be wondering why I called it home. Here's my logic: anywhere place that you long for when you aren't there is home. Its true for Chicago, its true for Nashville, and its true for Africa.... I gotta get back there sometime soon, the homesickness is piling up.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Class is over

As I am not going to my final class of this semester I am officially done with class. I still have finals next week, which only one of them is going to suck, and, like, its going to suck big time. International Politics has been a complete bitch this entire semester, this next week will be no different.

I changed my major this week, I am now officially a music major, and I couldn't be happier. Even though I know its going to be hard beyond reason, I'll be interested and involved in the subject matter personally, so I'll be able to struggle through it and feel like it had some purpose, which, I believe that it does. I have been resisting it for so long now because I didn't want to pick something "selfish", but what I think I've come to is that if I'm happy I'll be able to spread that happiness to other people and be more whole as a person if I choose something that brings me life. I switched from Theology because I realized that when its all said and done, and college is over, I don't really want to have this body of knowledge that involves theories about things that are out there.... instead I want to have some practical skill, and I've always found music to be incredible practical, that may sound weird, but I believe that if you have the ability to sing, play guitar, play piano, compose, and just have a broad knowledge of music theory, you can actually find a job. Of course I may have to live in Nashville for the rest of my life, because that's the only place that that sort of work is in abundance, but I love Nashville, so I wouldn't complain too much. So yeah, Jeffrey is now officially a music major, and couldn't be happier with his decision.

I also got my two acoustic guitars recently, and they are absolutely wonderful. I'll be done with class in a week and I will be able to get back to writing and recording music again, and hopefully find some time to read, too, which I am greatly enthused about.
Anyhoo, I just wanted to update because lots of things have been happening.